How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Florida-Style

While snow might be a common sight in the rest of the country, residents of Florida know that they don’t need it to have the most beautiful and festive holiday season in the country. Warm weather keeps all of the leaves green, and all you have to do is bring in the red!

The most celebrated time of the year has arrived!  If you want to get into the holiday spirit, deck the halls. Decorate your Florida home for Christmas with these ideas.

Using LED lights to create designs on your lawn is a Florida way to decorate.

You can do more than snowmen and reindeer with the warm, tropical climate in Florida. Use plain white lights on palm trees for a subtle look, or multicolored, flashing LED lights to make your palms really stand out in the neighborhood. Rather than denying the tropical surroundings, embrace the Florida style with wacky lawn decor and ornaments. 

A Few of Your Favorite Things and Holiday Styles

 When you decorate for the holidays, it’s important to choose decor that you like and can use year after year. Make sure you have lots of options so that whether you want a traditional Christmas tree or a funky one, you have lots of decorations to choose from.

For a festive Christmas, you can use traditional ornaments (red and green bows, pine scents, peppermint sticks) or try bringing the Florida Gulf coast into your home. You don’t need to decorate your wreath and rug with red and green to make it feel Christmasy. For a bit of a Floridian theme, add some beach-inspired decor. Seashell ornaments and starfish tree-toppers are enough to make you wish Santa brought the Florida Gulf with him!

Decorating Ideas On Pinterest

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